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About GlowAfter

Wine sulphite remover, About Us, GlowAfter
Wine sulphite remover, About Us, GlowAfter

We looked at the science and found a way to help you enjoy your favourite alcohol without the crash afterwards

GlowAfter started with two professional women who wanted to enjoy a drink or two, but didn’t have the time to spend countless hours on the couch or the will to waste a cheat day on cheeseburgers to soak up a hangover.

It grew from a frustration of people who go hard on a night out, or even just have a glass of wine at dinner, and show up the next morning glowing. (Trust us, when you hit your thirties one glass can get you that much faster).

We thought – why can’t we look that good the next day too?

If we weren’t loudly sipping on a pale ale and pinot grigio right now, we’d probably hear your shouts of “Yes!” from here.

Wine sulphite remover, About Us, GlowAfter

Find out what our GlowAfter drops formula is made from (prepare to be scienced!).

We created GlowAfter to be stylish and discreet

GlowAfter drops are an effective beer, cider and wine sulphite remover that will stop you from feeling worse for wear the next day. 

Designed to fit discreetly into your handbag or pocket, drops of GlowAfter in your favourite beer, wine or cider could save you a whole lot of pain tomorrow.

Our formula makes no sacrifice to the taste of your drink (a big tick from us!) and is designed for people who experience some level of allergy (that’s most of us!) to the preservatives in beer, wine and spirit. Whilst those preservatives are absolutely vital to the brewing and wine-making process and we love them very much for making our drinks taste so good, they are no longer essential when your drink is poured into a glass. So we’ve found a way to convert them, so you can have a glass AND feel good, without the trade-off.  


We’re creating a whole community of people who want to get shit done AND live life to the full. 

For parents, GlowAfter drops can help save you from a nightmare day trying to look after screaming children while your headache screams at you from within.

For people who like a to celebrate in a big way or enjoy a weekend tipple, GlowAfter drops can help you keep on between drinks.

And for those with preservative allergies or simply a low tolerance to alcohol, GlowAfter could just give you the superpowers you need.

Wine sulphite remover, About Us, GlowAfter

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We’re supporting an eco-friendly future

We’re constantly striving to reduce our impact on the planet by taking steps to be as eco-friendly as possible. Your GlowAfter drops bottle is packaged and wrapped in ethically and sustainable packaging. And when you’ve finished your last drop, you can remove the dropper and recycle the rest of your bottle.

Our eco-friendly approach gives you even more reason to live your best life with GlowAfter.

That beautiful little bottle sitting in your handbag is 100% recycle. Just remove the dropper and place it in the recycle bin. Better yet, you could use the bottle in other creative ways. We’d love to see your ideas – share them with us on our Facebook.

*Dropper is not recyclable

The packaging we choose has been purposely selected for being recyclable – from the mailing pack to the stickers and bubble wrap.

Every GlowAfter purchase is packaged in Hero Packaging, a 100% compostable mailer which will breakdown in around 90-120 days in your compost.

Our stickers, shipping labels and bubble wrap from Heaps Good packaging are also ready to be thrown into your compost bin or recycling.

Feed the worms, not your bin.   

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